You can relax

Whatever your reason for being away from home, our services can  remove the stress of worrying about things back home.  With our regular visits, your home will be safer than if left unattended, plus your pets will be happier in their own environment.  If possible, communication can be maintained with you whilst you’re away.

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Peace of mind with Always Best

As well as caring for your pets, our presence and attention to routines, such as collecting mail, newspapers and parcels; watering gardens, and dealing with rubbish bins, will help generate the appearance of continued occupancy.

These things will be discussed with you during the no-obligation introductory visit.

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House Minding   Pet Sitting



Pets are happier in their own home

Pets are happier in their own home with familiar surroundings.  We understand how important it is to provide a safe and happy environment for your pets.  Our care and attention will help maintain this during your absence.

Please check AVAILABILITY here

Pet Sitting   House Minding 

Caring for your pets in their own, familiar surroundings.

Services We Provide

  • House Minding

    We offer a house minding service for those clients who prefer to have someone visit their home on a regular basis to maintain the appearance of occupancy while they are away.

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  • Pet Sitting

    Pet Minding services are customised to meet individual needs of clients and pets receive their usual diet and medications can be administered according to your instructions.

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  • Additional Services

    Extra services for long term contracts may be arranged, such as dog washing, lawn & garden maintenance or restock fridge with essentials. To be discussed and negotiated prior to commencement.

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  • Other Suburbs

    Areas North & South of the river may be possible with the assistance of my family, who are all pet lovers & have even worked in veterinary clinics. Contact me for further information.

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