We know you want to get everything in order before you leave your home and pets in the hands of someone else so we’ve got together a list of questions that we get asked frequently. If you can’t find the information that you’re after on our site or in these FAQ’s please use our online contact form to ask us your specific questions.

Is there something I should know upon my return?

Whenever possible I will stay in touch with you via text or email whilst you’re away.  Any additional observations or information that needs to be shared with you will be left in a note on my last visit before you return.  You’re invited to contact me at any time. Note: extra service can be provided to prepare for your return, such as small amount of shopping. This will be discussed and arranged with you prior to you going away.

What about the security of my home?

Security of your property is a concern when you are away from home. Always Best Home & Pet Minding visits add to security while you’re away as visits potentially give the appearance someone is still home. To give you greater peace of mind, proof of my police clearance and liability insurance can be provided to you. You also get to meet me (obligation free) before you go away, so that you can feel comfortable in knowing you’ve left your home and pets in good hands.

What happens if my pet gets sick while I’m away?

With a lifetime of experience with animals of many kinds, I understand the need for monitoring pets closely. If I find that any of your pets are injured or unwell, I will firstly attempt to consult with you by phone and then contact your nominated vet. If the matter is urgent, the vet will be contacted immediately.  You will be required to sign a release form prior to commencement of service to ensure your vet is able to carry out emergency procedures while you’re away and that you will be repsonsible for costs incurred.

What if my pet has to take medication and/or has special requirements?

This is one of the many advantages of using Always Best Home & Pet Minding. I will look after your pets as if they were my own and I am  dedicated to finding the right solution for your pet care needs. Often you will discover that boarding facilities will not accept pets who need medication.  Using Always Best services in your home will solve this problem.  I know that all pets have different requirements and this will be discussed with you before you go away.

What pets does Always Best cater for?

Having lived with and cared for many varieties of domestic pets as well as small farm animals I believe I am able to cater for most pet needs.  I have yet to be asked to look after reptiles or horses but I invite all enquires and each assignment will be considered.  An introductory meeting will be arranged with you to discuss your requirements and services will be customised to meet your needs.

Why should I use Always Best as opposed to asking my neighbour?

I chose to offer these services because I love animals and I’d like to help you by caring for them – and your home – when you’re away.   It is my undertaking to look after your home and pets as if they were my own. When you engage Always Best Home & Pet Minding to care for your home and pets, you can be confident that’s what will be done. In contrast, a neighbour or friend may see it as a chore and visits may be forgotten or cut short in the course of their own busy lives.  I aim to provide service that is Always Best! and meets your expectations.