House Minding

Always Best Home & Pet Minding offers a home minding service for clients who want their home to  look lived-in whilst they’re away.  Potential intruders or vandals may be deterred by your minder applying occupancy strategies during visits.  These strategies can be planned with you prior to commencement of the assignment.

Note: this is NOT normally a live-in home minding service. However, this may be considered for regular clients who are away for an extended period of time. One or two day stays may be possible but charges will still apply.  You may wish to check with your Home & Contents insurer if your home will be vacant for a long period of time, as you could find higher excesses apply.

Advantages of House MindingHome_Cozy Corner_Smallest

Always Best Home & Pet Minding can relieve the stress and help you enjoy your time away with greater peace of mind.

  • Making Your Home Look Lived In.  Intruders unlikely to target a home that appears occupied.
  • Staying in Touch. Your home minder can provide you with updates via email, text or phone.
  • Taking Care of Maintenance. Emergency need for plumber or electrician, or repairs of storm damage or broken windows, may be organised so you don’t come home to problems.
  • Fridges or Freezers.  These can be checked to ensure they are operating correctly so you don’t come home to food spoilage.
  • Watering.  Your pot plants and gardens can be watered.
  • Mail & Newspapers. These can be collected and stored inside the home.
  • Parcels.  These can be collected from nearby Australia Post outlets on your behalf with pre-arranged authorisation.
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